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Took a selfie? But do you think it needs some editing? Or you wished the picture was shot after you wore some makeup? These are some of the thoughts we usually get after a photo is been taken. To fulfill such wishes, Snapseed for pc is an App especially for you, to design and edit your photos before you want to upload it on a socializing media such as the Facebook, Instagram, what’s app etc.

Download Snapseed For Pc

snapseed for pc


Snapseed is an editing tool which was actually designed for the mobile platform, but it can also be used on the desktop windows 7/8/XP as well. But to do there are the certain protocol for you to follow which are a few simple steps.

Features of the App

Before we try our hand on downloading the App, its good to know what all the features present in it. There are plenty of other photo editing apps in the app stores, but many people prefer Snapseed as the tool to edit their pictures. Here is why?

  • The first thing Snapseed does to your pictures makes adjustments before you do any editing.
  • It has various editing tools for you to choose from such as the vintage, transform, grunge etc
  • Using Snapseed you can enlarge a blurred image in the original picture.
  • The center focus and fine tune is another best feature of the app which you would like to use regularly to make your editing picture perfect.
  • Crop, B & W, Tilt-Shift are some of the other features to use for some more editing.
  • You can make the dim images brighter with the brightness tool

With all these features, Snapseed makes your photos one of the best images sending more likes and appreciation wherever it is posted. Seems promising isn’t it? Well, its time to reopen all those old pictures you were hiding in an unwanted folder just because something was not right in the picture. Download the app and edit your images.

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Importance of few tools

There are many such photo editing apps in the market that people can download and do the editing required. But, not all have the tools that Snapseed has. Here are a few tools that are unique from other photo editing apps.

  1. Transform tool – Transform tool helps in correcting the distorted picture into the right angles. This tool is helpful especially with images of any architectural buildings, which usually have tall and huge buildings and might be seen of different shape while capturing the photo. Transform tool helps you to make the angles in the right way as it actually is and allows you to set it in a grid format.
  2. Brush tool – The brush tool has the various option, unlike the other apps. This tool allows you to make changes to your image like erase something that is not needed, set temperature like make it look warm or a cool day, and you can use the eye icon to see where the changes are made.
  3. Selective tool – The selective tool allows you to make changes with brightness, color, and contrast in certain selected areas of the images. Might you ask this is a common feature in all apps? What is special about it here in Snapseed is that the changes made will effect on only the selected portion. For example in a photo with a blue sky, you make some changes in the blue part and add little red, the changes will be made only to the blue part and if there are any white clouds it will not be affected. Well, that seems interesting effects, isn’t it?

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Steps to download Snapseed For Pc

As Snapseed was specifically designed for smartphone, the app needs a platform to download which allows the apps designed for mobile phones. Follow these simple steps and download the Snapseed app to enjoy photo editing.

  1. Bluestacks App Player is an emulator that supports most of the app’s available in Android and iOS OS and you can download these apps on your PC.
  2. After downloading the Bluestacks, run it and install it on your desktop or laptop.
  3. Once the installation is completed open the Bluestacks app and types Snapseed in the search bar.
  4. Install the Snapseed app from the search results and launch it.

If You Find Any Problem While installing Snapseed for pc don’t hesitate to ask questions in Comment Box.


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