9 Strategies To Help Grow Your Discord Server


Have you ever wanted to start your own Discord server, but didn’t know where to begin? This blog article is for you! We’ll go through 9 strategies for expanding your server and getting it up and running in no time.

Invite people from other servers

Inviting people from other servers is one of the most effective methods to increase the number of people who join your Discord channel. There are a few distinct approaches you may take, but we recommend direct invites or creating postings in channels with similar interests to yours.

Share your server on social media

This one might be obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning. Whether you use Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, be sure to share your server or just put up a link on your website, so can find people find out about the existence of your discord channel.

Create A Help Desk

Create a “help desk” channel where your members can submit queries and get answers from other experienced users who frequent that server. This is an excellent method for individuals to learn from one another while developing a sense of belonging in the process!

Create an attractive header

The first thing that catches a user’s eye when they join a Discord group is the server’s header image. Check to see if your header includes text and images that entice people to stay and participate in the discussion.

Buy server members for social proof

There are a number of websites, like this, where you may buy Discord members to boost your server’s social proof. This works because increased social proof suggests that the server is worth joining, which will attract additional users.

Add Discord bots to your server

Chris Harris, of Harkable, says Discord bots are a great way to keep your community interested and entertained. There are lots of bots you can add to your Discord server that have different functions, from keeping track of the users who come online every day or hosting trivia games where they compete against each other for points, depending on how well their answers match up with correct answers.

Add voice channels

During live streams or gaming sessions, people in your Discord server will be able to chat using their voices instead of typing messages on a screen. Even if they aren’t utilized all of the time (or ever), adding voice chatting will make new members feel more welcome when they join in since this is one aspect that many other discord servers already have.

Give away free stuff!

Discord is a great platform for hosting giveaways. You can give away physical items, such as T-shirts or stickers from your company, or you could even do virtual ones where users who enter the contest will be entered into a raffle to win free games on Steam. By adding this feature in your Discord server it creates an incentive for people to join and stay because they might get something out of it while also getting more exposure since others will want to come check out what’s going on.

Spread the word about Discord!

When someone writes an article about how good Discord is and talks about their favorite servers – that brings attention onto those servers and allows them to grow organically via word of mouth instead of aggressively advertising which gets frowned upon by many.


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