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Game-GuardianCheat codes and game hacks are as old as the gaming industry itself. Since ages, games have tried to keep some of their level difficult to access in order to keep users glued to their storyline. Similarly, gamers have tried their best to come up with cheat codes and hacks that could easily make them bypass these problems and enjoy their games uninterrupted.

If you love using cheat codes and hacks in your games, the Game Guardian APK will be your best companion. The application helps you in saving yourself when your lives are deteriorating quickly or when your points are going down. This application works on rooted Android phones and provides a great way for games to keep playing their favorite games without the frustration of losing their precious game lives, money and coins again.

Features of Game Guardian APK

The Game Guardian application comes with a lot of interesting and useful features. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Scan different values in the game- including gems, health, skill points, currency, coins etc. No matter what kind of game you are using, the app will find out the value types available and scan through them with ease.
  • The app can easily find out hidden values in the game. It can edit these values and even look for encrypted values within the game. Once found, it becomes very easy to use or freeze these values with one touch.
  • The application provides you speed control features as well. Whether you want your speed your games up or slow down time in order to score more times, you will be able to do it all with the help of this app.
  • Hack your games like never before. The app comes with a stealth game hacking mode. It even has a camouflaged dupe app inside that will hide in the background and continue to provide you amazing game hacks. Moreover, the camouflage feature will also hide the app’s activity from anti-cheating software which will make you enjoy your games for a long time.
  • Does your game come with money values? If yes, then use this app for getting unlimited money options as well. Though this option can be slightly difficult to use when playing live online games, it works really well on other types of games. Most live casino online Tischspielen has free demo options available to players. Users can start playing any game they want for free-money now and register in the game later.
  • Power users will find many useful options in the game. First of all, the game comes with potential future trainer/table functions. Secondly, it can offset to find the memory values in the game with ease.
  • The game can run easily on x64 and x86 devices. Therefore, most games will love to use this application, no matter what kind of device they are using.
  • The game can even change the system clock time in Android, which helps you in skipping game time.

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How to download Game Guardian APK

Before downloading Game Guardian APK on your phone, make sure that you have rooted your Android phone. This application won’t work on an unrooted Android. To see how to easily root your phone, read the next section. Your phone must have at least 512 MB RAM to install this application. It would also help if you have at least 100 MB space free on the phone. The device should also be running on any Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread or later. This means that the app is compatible with all the Android devices in use currently.

First, go to your phone’s Settings and click on Security settings. From there, click on Device Administration and toggle the button for Unknown sources. Once it turns green, you will be able to download any application on your phone, even if it is not downloaded from the Google Play Store. Without turning this setting on, you will not be able to download and install any APKs in your phone. So guys want you to download Tinder on PC then check out our latest article How To Download Tinder For PC Windows (7/8/10) for Free at technspike.

Go to a trusted link and download the Game Guardian APK on your phone. You can choose the version you want to download. Simply click on the link and the file will be downloaded to your system.

You can choose to save the file on the internal memory of the phone or the SD Card.

Now, go to your phone’s download manager or file manager and search for the Game Guardian APK. Click on this file and it will start installing on your phone.

The app will install on your phone almost instantaneously. The app will be available on the app drawer, just like every other app downloaded from the Play Store. The app will also create a floating icon on your phone screen, so it can be accessed from anywhere.

That’s it! You can now start using this app and enjoy all its benefits.

How to root your phone?

Root Your Phone

Rooting your phone is very easy. You can do this in two ways.

You can root your phone directly via an app. Download Kingoroot or similar apps on your phone. For this too, you will have to go to Settings and click on security settings. From there, choose device administration and toggle the unknown sources button. This will help you in downloading great apps that can root your phone with just one touch.

Download the Kingoroot app (or any other similar app) and ensure that you install it correctly on your phone. After this, open that application and the app will root your phone in just one touch. Doing this will also enable you to properly root the phone. Most people who try to root their phone manually with sufficient knowledge end up making some unwanted changes to your phone. The phones may even malfunction because of this. However, with these apps, rooting the phone becomes very easy. All you will have to do is click on the root button and the app will take care of the rest.

If you don’t want to download an app to your phone, you can root your device by using your desktop. Simply download a rooting application to your PC. After doing this, make sure that you install the app properly to your PC. Once done, make sure that run the application and connect your phone to the PC via a USB cable.

Before doing this, ensure that you go to your phone’s settings and click on developer mode and switch on the USB debugging mode. After doing this, simply connect your phone to the PC and run the rooting application. This will then help you in rooting your phone without any hassles. Your phone may restart a few times while using this application.

Be careful while using a rooted phone

You should be very careful when your phone has been rooted. Be extra cautious about the security of your phone and make sure that you don’t store too much sensitive or private data in your device. Also, when you are downloading any APKs on your phone, your first preference should be selecting a link that has been peer reviewed and tested by other users as well. This will help you in saving your phone against virus attacks and security breaches.

Another thing that you will note with a rooted phone is that they not covered under any warranties. If anything goes wrong with a rooted phone, you will be considered responsible for the damage. Therefore, think twice before rooting your device. If you have rooted the device and change your mind later, simply click on the uproot button in your rooting application and the phone settings will be restored.

Is Game Guardian APK the best in the market?

Yes, it is one of the best APKs available for gaming fans. If you haven’t used it yet, it is high time you give this application a try and continue playing games without any interruptions. Some people may wonder whether using this application is legal or not. Cheat codes are 100% legal in a game and the gaming industry does not discourage the use of applications that help the users exploit a game’s loopholes or make their way around a specific problem/level. Therefore, the use of Game Guardian APK is 100% legal and you are not doing anything wrong by using this application for a few extra lives in the game.

Google or the games you are playing on the phone will not ban you or restrict you from using the features of this game. Therefore, you should not worry about losing your game’s progress, points, coins, or additional lives while using this application. There could be some games that may try to track your activity if you are using Game Guardian.

The application has a wonderful feature in place to get away from this as well. You will find a Game Guardian app on your phone with random letters and names as the app name if your games are trying to track its activity. Therefore, you easily bypass tracking and the application’s activity always remains hidden from spying games.

It is 100% safe and secure for use. It doesn’t contain any viruses, spam ware, adware, or spyware. Therefore, your phone will never be affected by unwanted software. So, what are you waiting for? There is no better way to get an edge in your games. Just download Game Guardian APK.


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